Don't rush, I want to finish, Lenochka asked.
Now you’ll lick me, ”said the wife, taking off her panties.
Having dug my lips into her chest, I continued to caress her wet pussy with my fingers. Kylie liked this. She closed her eyes in pleasure and moaned heavily at my touch. My palm was completely wet. A FI GET! I haven't finished like this in a long time, even from a vibrator.
Yes. I'll tell you everything. Everything you want to know.
Kylie, take off your bra. I commanded and while the girl was doing this, I took off her panties.
Doggy steel, I'll fuck you from behind I whispered excitedly.
Irka is already kicking her ass with might and main, scurrying so that the table bounces. And I hold her by the ass, sometimes I get carried away and slam into the countertop with a lobeshnik. And now Irka howled like a fool, ending:
We, like true gentlemen, ceded the lower shelves to the ladies, which immediately endeared them to us. Deciding to have a bite to eat and a little drink before going to bed, we offered the ladies brandy. They did not refuse, they also got their supplies, and we had dinner together. Before going to bed, Vadim and I went out into the corridor to give the ladies an opportunity to prepare the beds. When we returned to the compartment, they were already on their shelves. We prepared our beds and sat down on the side of the shelves with our ladies.